The World's Largest Dinosaurs at California Academy of Sciences

  • Address:
    55 Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park
    San Francisco, CA 94118

The largest land animals that ever lived are coming to the Academy! Get ready for a sauropod summer with life-size dinosaur models, hands-on interactives, and public programs for junior paleontologists.

Take a deep breath: About one pint of air just filled your lungs. Got 173 more? That’s how much a 60-foot Mamenchisaurus hoovered up with every inhale. Talk about breathtaking!

At the Academy’s newest exhibition, you’ll get to gaze up at incredible, ancient, long-necked herbivores like Mamenchisaurus and Argentinosaurus; learn how they lumbered across every continent; and dig into research on present-day organisms helping paleobiologists understand how these dinosaurs thrived for 140 million years.

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