Half Moon Bay Distillery

  • Address:
    103 Harvard Avenue
    Half Moon Bay, CA 94019



Half Moon Bay Distillery is a small craft distillery, located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in scenic Half Moon Bay, California. They provide locally produced ultra-premium spirits to people who care about where their drinks come from and who made them. They are committed to producing the highest quality, hand-crafted distilled spirits in small batches.

Half Moon Bay Vodka is an ultra-premium, small batch vodka, distilled and bottled by an artisan craft distillery on the California coast. Distilled from 100% organic wheat grain it is exceptionally smooth and silky.

Half Moon Bay Gin is an elegant and refined craft spirit, distilled in small batches. The intriguing botanical notes are extracted through the gentle process of vapor distillation. This allows all of the individual aromas to shine.