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Since the beginning of the pandemic, LifeSite has provided a turnkey COVID testing solution to hundreds of corporations, job sites, organizations, teams, schools, etc., helping them maintain and manage safe working and participation environments. With the nation re-opening again and events/travel beginning to resume, organizers and operators address the health and safety of attendees, guests, and staff to resume events.

Recent re-openings and events have revolved around smaller gatherings, but as re-openings continue to expand and capacities quickly increase, the scalability of the health verification process becomes a challenge.  Operators are concerned about the inefficiencies of the verification process. They are looking for a centralized data solution to upload verification documents, process the evolving health and safety policies of entry and attendance, and integrate to point-of-entry subsystems at scale.

LifeSite offers a health verification "Command Center" called LifeSite Wellness, used as the centralized hub for the health verification/credentialing process for employees and attendees.  The solution links the rules-based verification to existing entry methods, such as badges, digital tickets, check-in kiosks, or a scanner API/application (which requires no additional hardware).  The LifeSite Wellness solution is configurable, economical, and usable for any event – large or small. In addition, the LifeSite Wellness solution can be used with any COVID test, testing provider, and vaccination record.

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