Mussel Rock Park Beach

  • Address:
    Mussel Rock Beach
    Daly City, CA 94015



Mussel Rock Park is made up of a lot of trails connecting to paragliding launch points on a hillside in south Daly City. The shoreline below the park is bouldery with little sand exposed. However, a sandy beach can be found at the north end of the park.

The parking lot is located at the end of Westline Drive not far from Highway 1 near the Pacifica and Daly City border. From the parking area walk north into the park, then follow trails as they descend the hillside to the rocky shoreline below. To find sand you’ll have to hike north on the trail above the rocks until it ends and look for a route down to the beach. Signs say “Do Not Enter – Eroding Cliff” but many people scramble down the short steep ledge.

Walking north on the sand leads to Thornton State Beach (which has no official public beach access) and eventually Fort Funston Beach. The nearest trail out is about two miles away. It’s a great beachcombing spot at lower tides. Mussel Rock can be reached by taking the bottom trail back to the south. Where this trail dead-ends there is a man-made rock arch which looks accessible at low tides.

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