Food & Drink on The San Francisco Peninsula

When it comes to dining, restaurants on The San Francisco Peninsula are top-notch! The region offers a wide variety of options for those looking for a special dinner or a power lunch. Whether you're looking for a quaint Italian restaurant nestled in downtown San Mateo, a sidewalk café in Palo Alto, or a romantic seafood restaurant in Half Moon Bay with stunning views of the water, you'll find exactly what you need.

In the mood for wine? In a destination that has “Everything California”, of course, you’d expect wineries, and you will not be disappointed. The City of San Carlos offers the Mid-Peninsula Wine Trail, which is made up of small, urban wineries, all located within walking distance, while Half Moon Bay is home to coastal wineries offering wonderful wines. No matter what you're looking for, wine lovers will find it all at one of our wineries on The San Francisco Peninsula.

Looking for the freshest cuisine during your visit? Many of the local restaurants on The San Francisco Peninsula are part of the “As Fresh as it Gets” program, which rewards and promotes local establishments that take advantage of our local agriculture in order to serve outstanding fresh and local food. Learn more about our "As Fresh as it Gets" program and keep an eye out for the logo when dining out.

Additionally, many of our partners host wonderful foodie events throughout the year that feature some of the best farm-to-table experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit our Food & Drink Events page to learn more about these events.





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