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We have a tremendous diversity of breathtaking bay and coastal vistas, picturesque lighthouses, scenic country roads, giant redwoods, magnificent mansions with romantic gardens, city scenes and country towns. From high tech to high corn, we have it all and we will help you find a match!

Best of all, our natural scenic beauty and exciting venues are easily accessible, with San Francisco International Airport in our backyard. To assist you in finding the right location and help with applying for film permits from one of the 15 cities and towns located on the Peninsula, complete our online Film Location and Permit Assistance Form.


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Important Permit Information for Filming in the State of California

Many of the beautiful locations in San Mateo County such as State beaches and parks are permitted through the California Film Commission (CFC). The CFC offers free online permitting for all state properties including state parks and beaches, freeways, roads, and government buildings. The CFC requires state permit applications to be submitted four business days/96 hours (weekends and holidays are not considered a business day) prior to the first pre/shoot day. Caltrans ramp and lane closures require a minimum of at least 12 days in advance of prep/shoot, freeway closures require a minimum of 16 business days. If you are filming in a State property in San Mateo County, we can provide you with additional private and public locations and assistance in arranging accommodations for your cast and crew.