Cafés & Coffee Shops on The San Francisco Peninsula

Whether you're looking to grab a cup of coffee in Downtown Redwood City or want to visit a café in Burlingame Avenue, you will find it all on The San Francisco Peninsula. Have a sweet tooth? Bonjour Bakehouse offers some of the best cookies on the Peninsula, ranging from the classic chocolate chip cookie to a delicious Dulce de Mango.

Perhaps, you're planning an early visit to see the Coastside? We recommend heading to Pacifica and picking up some freshly-baked bread at Rosalind Bakery! Scroll below to learn more about cafés and coffee shops on The San Francisco Peninsula.

Bonjour Bakehouse – Located in San Mateo, Bonjour Bakehouse strives to create a perfectly prepared treat with the finest locally sourced ingredients. Their products range from the classic chocolate chip cookie to a delicious Dulce de Mango. They have just the treat for any occasion, and they also deliver right to your door. C'est Bon!

Bay Watch San Mateo – Committed to freshness, they begin early each morning slicing the freshest fruits and vegetables, baking muffins, and preparing batters from scratch, using some of the finest ingredients available—never compromising quality. This San Mateo coffee shop should definitely be on your list.

Gigi’s Café & Catering - Family-owned and operated café in Burlingame featuring a full deli and espresso bar. Relax and enjoy breakfast and lunch indoors or outside on their beautiful patio overlooking the Lagoon. Come in for a fresh, homemade pastry or the best sandwich in town with very affordable pricing.

Rosalind Bakery – Located in Pacifica, CA, Rosalind Bakery is just a block away from the ocean. The mellow climate and negative ions produced by the nearby surf have a positive effect on the products they create. Their baked goods are made with flour from the Central Milling Company and they source their café menu with seasonally fresh ingredients from producers who are our friends and neighbors.

SWEET55 – Swiss Chocolates & Confections – This establishment uses the world's most sustainable Swiss vendors to source the highest-grade materials for their products. Once it reaches SWEET55, their Swiss-trained chocolatiers use it to create our ever-evolving suite of confections, so you can enjoy them with a happy heart.




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