Bonjour Bakehouse

  • Address:
    1007 Howard Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94401



Great news!  Our takeout window is now open for business Monday - Saturday between 7:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at Kitchentown, 1007 Howard Avenue, San Mateo. We can’t wait to serve you up some delicious new additions - baked exclusively for our window – to enjoy alongside one of our premium Ikon expresso drinks!

At Bonjour Bakehouse, we strive to create the perfectly prepared treat with the finest ingredients. Francois and his team have a true passion for creating delicious products, supporting the local community and helping to sustain the environment. Bonjour Bakehouse is committed to using the very BEST locally sourced ingredients. C’est délicieux!

Our products range from the classic chocolate chip cookie to a delicious Dulce de Mango. We have just the treat for any occasion, and we deliver right to your door. C'est bon!

We also offer special corporate gifts and easy ordering options.

Our packaging:

As we really care about our environment (and yours!) all our products are wrapped with 100% plastic-free, fully compostable, materials. And yes, this includes our product wrappers that look like plastic: they are corn-based!.. and easily recognizable thanks to the noise that they make :)