Farm Fatales

  • Address:

    Half Moon Bay, CA 94019



About the Farmer

Erin Tormey is the founder of both Coastside Farmers' Markets, and she is also a small, "1st Generation" farmer. She is converting her place into a heritage apple orchard and expects to have a collection of rare and unusual apples to sell in a couple more years. Meanwhile, she joins her fellow vendors at the Pacifica location by bringing her gorgeously colored pastured eggs to Market each week.

The Farm Fatales are her mixed flock of threatened and/or recovering heritage breed hens. The ladies have a free run of 48 acres of pristine, never chemically assaulted pasture and keep hydrated with a rainwater catchment system. The hens spend their days out in the sun, nothing on natural forage supplemented with organic feed and hand-ground (no kidding) organic flax seed, resulting in eggs with ultra-high levels of Vitamin D and Omega-3s and beautifully balanced lipids.

Erin has learned a lot from her fellow farmers over the years and is also a really creative cook. She would be more than happy to answer any food and farm-related questions!