McNee Ranch State Park

  • Address:
    McNee Ranch State Park
    Pacifica, CA 94044



McNee Ranch State Park is a beautiful, scenic, and surprising park. Comprised almost entirely of wide, multi-use fire roads, McNee Ranch lacks the facilities we expect from most state parks. No visitor center, signposts, or restrooms (although there is one portable toilet). It's even tough to park here! Instead of these niceties you will find steep, tough fire roads winding through a spectacular assortment of bay area plants, leading to a nearly 1900 foot peak with wonderful views.

Accompanying the park's rugged character is unpredictable weather. Fog and cold temperatures blow in from the ocean with little warning. If you go, keep an eye on the fog and bring layers of clothing. Be prepared to cut your hike short if the weather changes.

McNee Ranch is a favorite of bay area mountain bikers. Expect to share the trails, and stay alert for bikes blasting downhill as you climb. Equestrians are also often seen on the trails, but usually only on weekends.

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