Muddy Boots Organic Farm

  • Address:
    P.O. Box 472
    Pescadero, CA 94060



Muddy Boots Organic Farm is a first generation family farm operated by Sean and Kim Coombs in the beautiful coastal town of Pescadero, California, 20 min south of Half Moon Bay. They specialize in delicious heirloom Italian Artichokes, but they also grow Asian Pears, Tomatoes and a variety of other row veggies. Their Artichokes are grown from rootstock instead of direct seed, so they carry the genetic traits of an heirloom Italian variety that's been grown in Pescadero for generations.

About the Farmers: Sean & Kim Coombs
Sean is from a small farming community in southern England, and I (Kim) grew up with an amazing homesteading Canadian grandma. Our passion for food and the outdoors started young. About 6 years ago, we were finding ourselves becoming more passionate about the quality and source of the food we ate. And we yearned for this lost connection we once had. We began studying sustainable ways of growing food and were drawn to the concepts of permaculture and local food systems. We moved out of San Francisco, to the small agricultural town of Pescadero and began growing our own food on a small scale. Not long after we were given an opportunity by a local retired farmer to manage his apple and Asian pear orchard. He then offered us land to farm, and we knew this was our chance, ready or not. So we started farming mixed vegetables for market and wholesale.  Learning and growing as we go ever since. On the job training has been tough but also incredibly rewarding.

Where to find us:
West Valley College Farmers Market in Saratoga [Saturdays 9-1pm]
Mountain View [check website for location/time]