Pomponio Ranch

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    3300 Pomponio Creek Rd
    San Gregorio, CA 94074



Pomponio Ranch is a 2,700-acre ranch tucked away the coastal rolling hills in a canyon along the coast between San Gregorio and Pescadero. This ranch has a great history of being a long time cattle ranch, and at one time hosted rodeos. It has changed ownership a few times over the years, and now belongs to a family that takes great pride in the ranch and wants to bring it back to life.

Pasture-Raised Using Holistic Grazing Practices

For 10 years, Pomponio Ranch has been working on restoring healthy grazing lands using the Holistic Grazing practices advocated by Alan Savory.  They group their cattle in 17-acre pastures for a day to eat the grass.  After 1 day and before they can eat all available grass, they move them to the adjacent pasture. A fresh pasture every day! The previously grazed pastures get about 100 days of rest before the cattle return to graze.  These holistic grazing practices restore San Mateo County land, help pastures grow a wider variety of nutritious perennial grasses which are fertilized naturally and hold water much longer before drying out between rains.  These sustainable grazing practices result in better tasting meat.

Abundant Grass

During the rainy season at the coastal Northern California ranch, Pomponio Ranch grows abundant, lush, healthy, tasty grass in many varieties. After the perennial grasses have completed their seasonal growth cycle, they supplement their cattle and pigs in the pastures with grass hay grown on their ranch and also from neighboring ranches.

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