Redondo Beach

  • Address:
    Redondo Beach
    Half Moon Bay, CA 94019



Redondo Beach is just south of downtown Half Moon Bay and just north of the Half Moon Bay Golf Links in the Ocean Colony community. Behind Redondo Beach is a large area known as the Wavecrest Open Space which has been protected by the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST). The parking lot is located at the end of Redondo Beach Road off Highway 1 and is clearly signed. After you park in the lot above the bluff, you’ll have to find a path to the beach as there isn’t one designated descent. If you head north on the dirt trail from the parking area you’ll find a route that isn’t as steep as the ones right at the parking lot where erosion has made them dangerous. Bring sturdy shoes to hike down with as flip flops would be risky.

It’s possible to walk north on the sandy beach all the way to Half Moon Bay State Beach from here. At lower tides you can walk south to the Half Moon Bay Tide Pools at Miramontes Point below the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay Resort. A more direct access to the tide pools and the sandy beach below the resort can be found at Pelican Point Beach. The Redondo lot is a popular place to park for mountain bike rides on the old roads in the open space lands.