State Street Honey

  • Address:
    2727 Delaware Ave.
    Redwood City, CA 94061



Founded in 2010, State Street Honey currently manages over 250 colonies housed on a variety of properties in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer the gift of the European Honey Bee; superior products from the hive and distinctive honeys from amazing microclimate regions, all extracted and bottled by hand in a sustainable fashion.

Nestled on San Francisco's Peninsula, State Street's Apiaries boast an almost year-round plethora of foraging possibilities. From early fruit buds bursting out from winter's grasp, to December flowering Eucalyptus, we do the very best to keep our bees healthy and bring you a variety of seasonal wildflower honeys, as well as other products from the hive like beeswax goods, propolis, and pollen.