Woodside Store

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    3300 Tripp Road
    Woodside, CA 94062



Forests of Gold

With the discovery of gold in 1848, adventurers flocked to California. While they did not find gold on the Peninsula, they discovered they could make money exploiting the giant redwoods. Among the Forty-Niners were Robert O. Tripp, Mathias Parkhurst and Mr. Ellis, who left San Francisco with the intention of making redwood shingles.

Supplying the Workers

By 1851, Ellis left the area, but other shingle makers, sawmill men and lumberjacks were hard at work supplying the building boom in San Francisco. Parkhurst purchased a 127-acre parcel of Rancho Canada Raymundo. On the land, Parkhurst and Tripp built the first Woodside Store to supply the woodsmen. In 1854, after the original structure burned down, they built the existing building. Parkhurst died in 1863. Tripp and his family continued to operate the store, supplying the settlers of the area, until his death in 1909.

Community Center

Over the years, the Woodside Store became a community gathering spot, a stagecoach stop, a "bank" with the only armored safe in the area, a lending library and a United States Post Office. Dr. Tripp also provided dental services at the Woodside Store. During a visit to the Woodside Store, see artifacts on display that reflect the varied activities that occurred.

Recent History

In 1940, the County of San Mateo purchased the Woodside Store. It was listed as a State Registered Landmark in 1949. A county park, the San Mateo County Historical Association operates the site. Restoration to its 1880s appearance was completed in 1994.

Business Continuity
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